Characteristics of an Evil Genius.

I think that evil geniuses are people who are very knowledgable, but choose to use their intelligence in bad/antisocial ways. These characters plot different schemes to purposely cause chaos and destruction. That’s what qualifies them to be evil; they intentionally plan to create bad, or unsafe situations. I believe there are people in the world who are completely evil, and have no emotions or regrets towards anything. Most of these evil people are now considered “psycho paths,” who are said to live without a conscious. I personally think that people are formed to become evil by their life experiences and different situations they have encountered throughout their lives. Most of these people who are considered to be evil suffered through difficult childhoods and usually had a troubling family life growing up, and were therefore molded to become bad due to their dysfunctional surroundings. When it comes to the American Justice System, and how people who are considered to be evil are punished, I think that it usually makes the safest choice for the communityby sentencing them to time in prison or the death penalty. However, I believe that the American Justice System fails the person with standing trial who committed the crime. These people have serious emotional instability problems and live a disturbing and dysfunctional life, and then are punished as a consequence of their actions. In most cases, I believe that placing them in mental health facilities would be the best case for these characters. Parents always are looked at to set an example for their children, but when they fail to do that and their children are raised without boundaries or expectations, those kids aren’t even given a chance in the world. The people who raised these “evil geniuses” should be held accountable instead. I think that Iago became evil from something that set him off somewhere during his life. And along the way, he picked up habits of those of an evil genius.

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As you like it.

I agree with the passage from William Shakespeare’s “As you like it,” and do think that there are seven stages in life. Most of us go through the seven stages in that order, and can relate to them because we’ve all experienced a few of them already. It’s all apart of life, growing up and maturing as we progress through our ages. And as we grow up, we encounter different situations that challenge our identity in the world. We learn new emotions, such as love and jealousy that are mentioned in the play, as well as wisdom and pride. I think that I am currently between the stages of school boy (girl) and the “lover.” I am finishing up my last year of High School, but I still have many years of school left to finish. School for many of us, including myself, is the same as it was when we were younger, and we still whine as we wake up early in the morning to head to school. Most of us aren’t quite at the “lover” stage yet, but slowly begin to experience feelings of heartbreak and the longing for acceptance from others. I’m not quite at the soldier stage yet, but I think most of us have experienced parts of it already. Jealousy is a big part of the soldier stage, which is quite a common emotion amongst teenagers. However, I have yet to be “sudden and quick in quarrel” with others. Iago, I believe, is in the soldier stage. He’s “sudden and quick in quarrel” with others, and is always starting fights with others behind their backs. He’s mischievous and sneaky.  Roderigo is in the lover stage. He is madly in love with Desdemona, Othello’s wife, and is willing to do anything to win her over. I  believe that Othello would fit into the justice stage, because he is very wise beyond his years and tries to find peace within the village.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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